My brand New Website, incorporating the four websites I designed before.

            39 south Owhango                              A set of pages describing where I live.

 Gronouwe Enterprises                       General information about myself.

           Wormfarming information                 Particulars about my hobby.

           Gardening practices                            How to make use of Wormcastings.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               My pictures                            My profile


                                     Gronouwe Enterprise

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    My Great-grand father's homefarm.                      H.H.Harmsen Proprietor.                   My Wormfarming business nowadays.

     I have been an AB [Artificial Breeding]  Technician for 25 years, and have also been involved with Freezebranding for 30 years.
                                                                                                    But I am retired now.




 Latitude 39° South Owhango

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  Coming in from
[Taumarunui] the North.                       State Highway 4               Coming in from [National Park] the South .
        Speedlimit is 70 Km per hour, ( stricktly monitored ) we have pets on the road sometimes !
                                  And 50 Km in the township off the State Highway.



                                                      Wormfarming information                                

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  The tools I use.                                      This site gives a lot of information.                      The foodhandling equipment.       
It took two years to build the shed, and eight years to get the experience to work efficiently.
                   The [financial] returns are low, but as a hobby, it keeps you interested.




                                                   How to use Vermicast, Wormcastings  and  Leachate

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        Compost, Vermicast, and wormcastings.           What it is, and how to use it.                         The results in my garden.
             The produce is hard to sell, unless people look at this website, to get familiar with it.
                   I use
only Vermicast and wormcastings  in my garden also some compost.




                                                   Extra page for maintenance and development

                              I will be working on it by and by,  starting  7th August 2013.
                                                                               In the mean time, I would like to thank everyone who has perused my websites in the past.