REDIRECTIONS :                                  

 Local shopping along State Highway 4 Owhango.

Owhango Hotel                       Sale of Alcoholic Beverages, Groceries, Cold  Drinks, Milk, Meals and  Accomodation

Cafe 39 South                         Coffee and meals to go or enjoy at the premises.

Latitude 39 Wormfarm           Sale of  Vermicast, Wormcastings, Leachate, Small  Wormfarm units and worms ( when available )

Owhango Motors                    Sale of  Oils, Lubricants, small Parts, batteries etc.

Marahua Blueberries             Sale of Frozen Blueberries, Wine, jam, and fresh Blueberries in January-February.



Owhango Hotel
                                                                     Situated at the Southern end of the village on Highway 4.
                                 Licencee Andrea Lethborg    
                                                                         Address : (private) 422 Kawautahi Road RD 2 Owhango   3990
                                                                         See the special page about the Hotel HERE.                                                                         
                                                                         Phone    :  8954854

                                    The Owhango Hotel has been taken over by the present owners in 2010,
                                   and they are licenced to sell wholesale alcoholic beverages and have a public bar open daily.

Backpackers- and other guests  accomodation, meals and coffe are available ; fresh bread and milk for sale, and a limited range of groceries.
plenty of parking space, and a patio with outdoor seating  in the front of the hotel and a sheltered area for entertaining at the back.

EFTPOS available.


Our local restaurant
                                                                    Along  main highway 4 in the township of Owhango

                    Coffee and Meals Take aways   

                                                                              Proprietors : Carolyn Newett and Glen McClean.
                                                                              Opening hours :
                                                                                          Sunday :  8 am to 4.00 pm
8 am to 3.00 pm
                                                                                        Tuesday :  8 am to 3.00 pm
                                                                                   Wednesday : 8 am to 3.00 pm
                                                                                       Thursday:  8 am to 3.00 pm
                                                                                           Friday :  8 am to 4.00 pm
                                                                                        Saturday:  8 am to 4.00 pm

                             Off road parking on the premises or on both sides of State Highway 4 ( take care if you are crossing the road !)
                                                                        Clean restrooms (the only public ones in Owhango),
                                                                             Come in for a meal or just Coffee to take away,
                                                                                relax and read our magazines in comfort,
                                                                                   you can sit inside or outside,
                                                                                      the girls will deliver your order.


Latitude 39 Wormfarm
                                                                                        Situated at KCE # 2153 State Highway 4.
                        39-05-1            Proprietor Hans H.Harmsen.           39-05-2 
                                                                                   Address : CMBox 47 ,  RD2 ,  Owhango 3990
                                                                                     Phone    : (07) 8954759     Fax : (07) 8954758
                                                                                     E-mail    :         PROTECTED 


Hanshendrik Harmsen has been involved with wormfarming since 1998 , built his wormbreeding unit unaided, and then stocked up with Eisenia Foetida worms.
Due to a period of waiting for a hip replacement the unit was neglected from 2006 to 2008, and blackberry took over part of the section.
A re-start has been made, and  new worm-stock produces wormcastings again.

Sales of Wormcastings @ $5.00 / Kg and Vermicastings @ $15.00 a 15 Kg bag are now available at the gate, sales are slow,
and income is needed to redevelop the wormbreeding unit.
He has sold some miniwormfarms lately, but as he is re-developing the breeding program, there is a reluctance to sell composting worms at the moment.

Hanshendrik is home most of the time nowadays , just come to the backdoor and make plenty of noise to get him to come and see you.


Owhango Motors
                                                                                      Situated at KCE # 2163 State Highway 4.
                           39-05-3     Proprietors : Dave Edhouse and Son.    
Address : CMBox 46 RD 2 Owhango 3990
State Road service                                                      
Phone : (07) 895 4726   Fax :  (07) 895 4725
AA   Road service                                                              
E-mail :  
  After hours emergency phone :  027 444 8966

Owhango motors was purchased from the Cooper's ......years ago, and has been rebuilt since then.
The premises have a hoist, and a pit to service all repair and, maintenance work to cars, trucks and tractors,  licenced to issue W O F's.
Services to the local fire engines, and the proprietors are both involved with the volunteer Fire Service just around the corner on Omaki Road..
Several mechanics are employed, some of them A grade in petrol and diesel work; BUT  the work should be booked ahead ..
The vehicle fleet has a Tow Truck, a Car Recovery truck,  Road Service wagon  and there is also a callout Auto Electrician involved with his Wagon.

Fuel pumps have been removed some years ago, 
so there is no fuel available to the public  
But Oils, lubricants, batteries , tires, sparkplugs, cleaners, hoses and the usual things we need for our vehicles are on hand in the old part of the workshop.
If your vehicle is in for an emergency short repair you can use the upstairs smoko room to get a cuppa while you are waiting.

EFTPOS available.



Marahua Blueberries
                                                                   Situated across the railway line on Owhango Road KCE # 40
                                    proprietor Maggie Jarman   39-05-11 
                                                                           Address : 40 Owhango Road,   Owhango 3990
                                                                                   Ph / Fax :  (07) 8954 410
                                                                                   E-mail    :  
PROTECTED  This is also a Bed and Breakfast venture Website : 

This block of blueberries was planted in the early 1970's by the local Hotel owner, later it was sold to the freezing workers employed
 at the freezingworks [ now no longer in business] close to Taumarunui .

The local birds harvested the blueberries for a number of years until the grass grew too high for them to find the berries,while nobody worked on the block.
Picking and harvesting started again, in the 1990's for two seasons until the present owner bought it in 1993.
A home was built on the second section of the farm, and the whole was given it's present name, Marahua and it is now all organically cultivated.,
and protected against the birds by a covering of netting.

Sales are :
Blueberries, Frozen, and Fresh in the [Jan-Mar] season, Wine and jam is made on the premises and you can Pick Your Own at a special price.
 Farmstay Accomodation is available where
you can cook [ if you wish ] your own meal using the well equipped communal kitchen .

They have an excellent website with comprehensive information about Blueberries, the Benefits of using them and an Album-page of photos .



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