Recent history in Owhango
The building of the "out of the fog" restaurant :

        39-08-1   The old Grocery shop, owned by the Lacy family,   39-08-2
                                                                                     Was sold to Russell Davies in the early 2000’s.
                    He re-designed the interior, and created the Gallery shown on the left, in 2005 he sold out to Perry and Petrina Francis ;
                         the old shop was demolished, to make way for a reataurant, the start of the foundations can be seen on the right.
         39-08-3      Russell Davies turned out to be quite an artist,     39-08-4
                     and he  made a painting of the exterior of the building called the gallery, I have got photo’s of some of the  work he did,
                                                                                     unfortunately Russell has died recently.
                                   Progress seen of the new restaurant  below.
         39-08-1     39-08-6     39-08-7
                                                                                                              October 2006
                                      The finished  Restaurant looking South.                                     The finished restaurant from the parking lot at the back
                                                                39-08-9 Closed   1 Dec 2009

                                                                  The restaurant  has been restarted and is now called  39 South Cafe