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                   Other Industries around the Owhango Township

                             Begg's Carriers
                              Trucking all goods to be transported.
                             Forest lodge                                      Accomodation, and Motel.

                                          Sales and Workorders for Picture frames.






Begg's carriers
Situated over the railway line on Owhango Road

               Sorry,but I am still getting the details for this item .


Situated on Oio Road Second on right over the railway line [ Owhango Road ] KCE # 28

                 Proprietor : Toni Grass                       
                                                                           Phone # :07 8954436

Toni does picture framing, paintings, and other artwork.
Studio open every thursday or by arrangement  anytime at home.
She has also an outlet with Colour Plus in Taumarunui usually on Friday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.


Forest Lodge

Situated onOmaki Road KCE # 6 opposite the combined Church on the corner of Omaki- and Ohorere Road.

Forest Lodge has now been taken over by the Owhango Hotel  
                                                              Ph # : 07 8954854 
 Well worth looking at, lots of info.         Websites : Forest-lodge  owhango hotel  
                                                          Registered : BBH World Traveller & Accomodation.

Parking avalable on the section, there are single and double bedrooms, kitchen fascilities, showers and a lounge to relax in,
also avalable is one self contained motel unit adjacent to the main building.

It is a starting point for several bush related trips into the nearby local bush, which can be reached following Omaki Road in Eastern direction,
and then turning left at the end, follow the road into the bush until you cross the bridge over the river, and there are tracks into the bush from there.
Several Tours and activities can be arranged  and perused on the website.